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Where have our summers gone…??

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Today has been another one of those days. Windy, rainy, cold and grey…  Is it really too much to hope for sunshine and warm temperatures in August? 

When I was young, I remember vividly how the summer holidays would stretch out for what seemed like months. I would be out playing all day long, each glorious, sunny day merging into the next. My skin brown as a berry and my feet caked in dust due to a combination of exploring, playing, and open sandals…

We would always holiday in the UK, caravaning sometime during July or August, and had beautiful weather each year. They were good times, my memories of certain adventures glorified in golden technicolour. So why does it seem that our summers are more of a black and white hue these days…??

When my husband and I married, thirteen years ago next weekend, we would never have thought that there was a chance of having gale-force winds and torrential downpours on our big day. Sure, summers as we have had them have gone downhill somewhat since our youths, but still, August was seen as one of our ‘summer’ months. However, this year especially, it seems more like October right now…

We have had some beautiful days, I don’t deny it. However, I feel a little shortchanged that our ‘summers’ are now made up of 2-3 nice days every 2-3 weeks, punctuated with miserable weather in between. 

We live in such a beautiful part of the country, with award winning beaches within easy reach, as well as outstandingly beautiful countryside on our doorsteps. If only we had the weather to be able to enjoy spending our days outdoors and making the most of these treasures!

So, as a result of this, it looks as though we will continue to get our fortnight of summer ‘fix’ in another country, where we are more or less guaranteed to have good weather at least 85% of the time. We may have to travel quite a distance to get there, and spend a lot of money to enjoy it, but when you are sitting in that beautiful sunshine, feeling the heat seep into your bones and relax all that tension away, it is so worth it!!


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