Daily prompt

The ghosts of my youth…

via Daily Prompt: Ghost


Running with wild abandon, my hair is wild and free,

Feel like I’m about to fly on legs too fast to carry me,

No breath, no cares; dizziness from my excitement brings,

Happiness radiates as my friend’s laughter sings…


How I would love to return to those carefree days,

Where long summer days passed in a joyful haze,

The ghosts of my youth are never to be feared,

Their occasional visitations will always be revered…


My life is blessed, I’m all grown up, I wouldn’t change a thing,

But to return to those days just once more would make my heartstrings sing…






6 thoughts on “The ghosts of my youth…

    1. I know, the days of living for the moment and without worries are tough to beat! I’d love to relive that, if only for a day… I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it, and thank you for commenting!


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